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Don’t Let Road Salt Wreak Havoc On Your Car

Regular washing is extremely important to help protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of road salt. When salt is left on your car’s exterior too long it can damage and dull the paint’s finish. One of the best ways to keep that shine is to use our Rain-X treatment when having your vehicle washed. Rain-X creates a water repellent layer that bonds to the exterior surfaces. Select our Platinum Wash Package or add Rain-X to one of the other packages.

Far too often we focus only on the parts of the car we can see and forget about the importance of cleaning the undercarriage. The salt mixture that helps keep us safe on the roads tends to blanket the undercarriage and find its way into all those crevices beneath our cars. The changing temperatures cause the snow and ice to repeatedly freeze and melt. When combined with the salt mixture it creates a slush that can linger in the wheels and undercarriage. Left there for too long encourages rust and corrosion and can result in costly repairs. For this reason, we strongly recommend you consider one of our wash packages that include the chassis bath and wax during these winter months.

Also consider what all the sand and salt does to the interior of your car. Keeping the carpets and mats clean help protect and prolong the life of the carpet. The carpet is there to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also as a protective layer to the metal it sits on.

Check out our detailing selections for carpet and interior shampoo services on our detailing page.