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Extend the Life of Your Car by Washing and Waxing

It may seem counterintuitive, but frequent washing and waxing of your vehicle is the best way to maintain its exterior paint finish for years to come. This is true despite the constant wiping and rubbing involved. The repetitive motion required in auto washing and auto waxing will not remove the paint finish. Your paint is bonded very strongly to your car or truck.

Instead, the car wash and car waxing job will keep the finish clean and free of compounds such as salt that can do serious damage to the exterior of your vehicle. Driving on roads naturally kicks up lots of dust, dirt, rocks, and salt that needs to be periodically removed to extend the life of your vehicle. Plus, when the right products are used in the correct order, your paint finish will actually gain protection from those unwanted compounds on the road.

Visit Embassy Autowash to receive the kind of professional washing and waxing your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle needs to remain in top shape for years to come.