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How to Battle the Salt, Sand and Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures and snowy conditions have quickly come upon us, so now is the time to focus on keeping our vehicles in tip top condition. The ever-important chemicals applied to the roads to keep us safe can have adverse effects on our cars. It is crucial to have regular washing this time of year to help protect from the harmful effects of road salt.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, leaving road salt on your car for too long can damage and dull the paint’s finish. In addition to the regular washing, we suggest choosing our Rain-X treatment. This helps create a water repellent layer that bonds to the exterior surfaces for added protection. Our Platinum Wash Package includes the Rain-X treatment, but you can add Rain-X to any wash package you choose.

In addition to the Rain-X, we also suggest you remember to try our Chassis Bath undercarriage treatment. The chemical mixtures used to treat the roads also blanket the underside of our vehicles. As the changing temperatures cause the ice and snow to melt and freeze it can create a slush filled with salt which leaves a residue that is harmful to our cars. The main reason we focus on removing this is because if it is left too long it can encourage rust and corrosion that can be costly to repair. The Chassis Bath is available with our Super, Deluxe, Ultimate and Platinum Wash Packages. These also give you added protection with the wax application that is applied during the wash cycle. It can be an add-on with the basic Full Service Wash as well (does not include wax).

Now that we have discussed protecting the exterior of our car, don’t ignore what the changing temperatures, salt and sand can do to the interior. Check out our detailing selections for carpet and interior shampoo services, see how we can help you preserve and protect your car.