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Protect Your Car’s Finish From the Harmful Elements of Winter

Professional detailing not only restores the sparkle and shine that gives your car that brand new look, it also serves to preserve that glossy finish. During the winter months, it is essential to protect your car from the elements. The cold temperatures, the snow, the ice and the road salt all play a role in threatening the paint.

Our Paint Sealant Protection offers our best protection! We recommend this for cars with clear coat finishes. The sealant is fortified with Teflon for durability and will help you keep that high gloss finish while giving your car the protection it needs against harmful road salt. The polymers in the sealant will also help to protect your paint’s finish against the changing temperatures. You can also choose Embassy Autowash’s Paste Wax Protection. This will protect your car from the elements and keep that paint finish looking good. The wax is hand applied and/or machine buffed to give your car that clean shiny finish.

We recommend washing your vehicle regularly during the winter months to keep the dirt from building up. In addition, adding the Armor All Protection and Tire Shine will keep your tires and rubber finishes from drying out during those cold spells. We also suggest applying Rain-X at each wash to obtain optimum results and keeping your car looking good all year long. For more information on professional detailing, please visit