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Spring is in the Air and It’s Landing on Your Car

You know that annoyingly familiar yellow haze you see on your car each morning? That’s POLLEN! Pollen likes to leave its footprint everywhere, especially on our vehicles. When we brush up against it, we wear it on our clothing and carry it with us all day, into our offices, our homes, and everywhere else we travel. Pollen can be a true nuisance, especially for those who suffer with allergies. These sufferers are always well aware of when the pollen count is high from the onset of symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. However, living in the Washington, DC Metro area, we know that pollen just comes with the territory.

Apart from parking inside a Ziploc bag, there’s not much we can do to keep pollen off our automobiles between washes. It looks lousy, but it shouldn’t hurt your car. However, during pollen season we suggest keeping your car clean with weekly washes. Choosing one of our wash options that offer a nice wax protectant, such as our Platinum Wash is recommended. This will help reduce the spread of pollen dust into your living environments.

Tree experts suggest that the pollen count will be high this year. “It’s most likely coming from conifers and evergreen,” says Sherrie Benson, a senior horticulturist with the University of Alberta’s Devonian Garden. “This doesn’t happen every year with conifers, but conditions this year are perfect for the trees to produce offspring, so they’re producing a lot of seed and pollen.

“Pollen won’t damage car paint – it’s just a fine dust,” Benson says in an email. “Put a coat of protectant like car wax on the vehicle early in the spring before pollen is out, so it’s easier to wash it off.”

However, it’s a bad idea to wipe it off with a cloth or a duster between washes, says Calvin Feist, automotive instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. “It is dust and I would worry it would scratch,” Feist says. “It may be a pain, but quick trips to the car wash is the safest bet.”

Pollen isn’t Mother Nature’s only weapon against your car’s shine. Bird droppings and tree sap need to be washed off, too. Although pollen doesn’t cause permanent damage if it’s left to sit, bird droppings should be cleaned off as soon as you can, Santos says. “They contain an acid that penetrates into the finish, leaving a stain,” Santos says. “It’s most visible on dark paint finishes.”

The best defense against pollen dust and the harmful effects of sap and bird droppings is protective layers of wax and regular washing with soap made for cars. Embassy Autowash offers a full line of detailing services and wash packages that will help you keep your car shining bright all season long. Visit our website for more details on the DC area’s most professional car wash.